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Our team have used their 50+ years of experience as former professional athletes, trainers, therapists, analysts and researchers to design services that help you measure key performance & wellness indicators.

Our services include:

Coaches and Trainers across every major league have benefited from our services:

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  • For Trainers And Therapists

Improve Performance & Productivity

By optimizing your neuromechanics: cognitive load management, posture, balance, breathing, cardiovascular health, strength, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, focus, memory, decision making and awareness among other things are all directly positively affected.

Address the Root Cause to Prevent Future Injuries

By identifying, quantifying and mitigating key predictors we help you understand the source of chronic pain, recurring injuries and potential future injuries.

Cut Recovery Time in Half

By receiving fully customized resources, exercises & strategies while taking a multi-dimensional approach.

Track Progress & Stay Motivated

By being able to measure your biomechanics, our gamified app helps you stay engaged while making the entire experience more enjoyable.

Faster, Higher Quality Assessments

By digitally assessing, monitoring, and personalizing suggestions for your patients, we help you streamline time-consuming processes to serve up to 50% more clients .

Address the Root Cause to Prevent Future Injuries

By quickly identifying, quantifying and mitigating the predictors and root cause(s) of injuries rather than only treating symptoms.

Boost Attendance, Compliance, Education, Motivation, Recruitment, Retention, & Satisfaction

By leveraging the Parados Platform to deliver remote high-quality reports that allow your clients to measure their own progress and buy into your approach.

Grow your Customer Base

By making your services more efficient, accessible and enjoyable.

Working with Ben [Velazquez] has been great. Being able to do it online allows for flexibility and the ability to get a session in anywhere, anytime. He has helped me recover from serious injuries and helped me prevent others from occurring.

Connor McDavid

NHL Player

The evaluation process was well guided and quick. I was able to learn about some of the different habits my body has fallen into and understand how I can help retrain my imbalances.

Kevin McCarthy

Player Development Coach for the Toronto Blue Jays

Working with Ben [Velazquez] has been a game changer for me. This is the best my body has ever felt!

Derek Carr

NFL Player

Being a professional athlete is all about optimizing the potential of your body. Ben has taught me how preparation and recovery go hand in hand.

Max Domi

NHL Player

I’ve been working with Ben for a while now and since then, my career has changed for the better. The intricacies that are detailed constantly in his program will take you from good to great. It’s one of the best tools in my toolbox.

Christian McCafrey

NFL Player

Products & Services

Parados for Businesses

  • Automate Assessments
  • Measure & Compare Biomechanics in Real-Time
  • Remotely Track Key Performance & Wellness Indicators
  • Curated, Personalized Suggestions

Our highly secure cloud-based platform is designed to be easy-to-use from any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Most performance & medical specialists take a reactive approach by focusing on treating symptoms because they lack the time & tools to take a comprehensive approach. We are changing the status quo by providing you with a widely applicable and easy-to-use platform that helps identify and address root cause(s) so you can take a proactive, predictive and preventative approach. Our long term goal is to use our team's expertise in neuromechanics to help build an understanding of the relation between physical movements and mental state because we believe physical & mental health go hand in hand with performance.

  • "The study of the interaction of the nervous system with mechanical activity of the body."

  • Neuromechanics are proven to significantly affect reaction time, hand-eye coordination, balance, awareness, decision making, endurance, etc.

  • Neuromechanics are proven to affect the odds of depression, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, BPD/BD, CTE, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia, Schizophrenia, ALS, etc.

  • Using over 30 factors physical and mental factors we help measure Mobility, Posture, Joint Health, Motor Control, Asymmetry, Cognitive Load, among other things.

  • Our team of engineers, analysts and advisors have over 50 years of experience as professional athletes, coaches, agents, analysts and trainers across the Americas and Europe as well as extremely relevant professional experience in brain injury and biomechanics research.

  • No, our system is not a medical device. We provide information that helps correct tendencies that are known to lead to serious injuries.

  • Risk compensation studies have proven that wearing safer gear leads to playing more aggressively and does not end up preventing injuries which is why we aim to change the player instead of the equipment or game.

  • Each user owns their own data and one account administrator has control over it.

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