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Fast, Easy, Objective Movement Assessments

No markers, no suits, no sensors, no setup.

Test anywhere, anytime, with any device.

We help posture and movement professionals within large organizations work together to conduct more frequent testing, drastically reducing the cost of injuries through earlier intervention while being:

We help posture and movement professionals within large organizations work together to conduct more frequent testing, drastically reducing the cost of injuries through earlier intervention while being:

  • Cost-Efficient

    Get lab-quality motion tracking in your pocket at reasonable prices.

  • Versatile

    Analyze hundreds of postures and movements anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • Personalized

    Use in-depth, insightful data to treat every person as uniquely as their body and goals.

Faster Assessments

Using a solution that works in-person and remotely with the option of automating assessments, you can cut time spent on repetitive tasks by up to 90%.

Get More From Less

Take instant data-driven personalized corrective action at scale by removing financial, skill, space, time, and equipment barriers. No more data collection, video management, equipment setup, appointment scheduling/canceling, or staff training problems.

Boost Compliance, Motivation & Retention

Create customized reports with objective, measurable progress that create a more enjoyable, consistent experience for both staff and clients.

More Frequent, Precise & Standardized Testing

Simply quantify and document key metrics like range of motion, symmetry, mobility, balance, speed, and power at scale to better identify group or individual trends over time.


Boost athlete performance with efficient training analysis and optimized biomechanics.


Improve your client monitoring with fast analysis, allowing more effective treatment.


Increase worker health, safety and compliance with a comprehensive data-driven approach.


Make learning fun, quick, and accessible for your students by simplifying data collection.

Despite years of specific strength training, I lacked a way to evaluate my recovery from a previous hip injury. Parados filled this gap and offered insights that helped me build a more suitable training base. Now, I'm on a more effective path and my knees & hips couldn't be happier.

Kevin M.

Former Toronto Blue Jays Player Development Coach

Parados is an incredible tool that allows me to quantify and monitor my clients’ progress effectively. It holds significant value for physiotherapists by facilitating the identification of abnormal range of motions or irregular gait patterns in patients, allowing to pinpoint specific areas requiring attention and potentially identifying muscles that need strengthening or rehabilitation.

Kairina Z.

Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist

Improving performance, minimizing injury, and quantifying recovery are now more science than art. Parados has taken the next step in providing high-quality assessments without the fancy equipment. Professionals and casual athletes alike will benefit from Parados. Welcome to the future.

Andy J.

Canadian Men's Decathlon Multi-Record Holder

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  • How does the software work?

    We combine and optimize computer vision machine learning models to predict where joints are located by analyzing each frame of the video. Our models are based on billions of previously collected data points.

  • Is my data secure with Parados?

    Yes, we take data security and privacy seriously. Your data is protected in accordance with international regulations such as PIPEDA, HIPAA, and GDPR. We use state-of-the-art anonymization and encryption techniques to safeguard your information, and we ensure you have complete control over your data at all times

  • What is your pricing structure?

    It varies based on what you need - whether you want to use our API to plug into your own app or our app & platform to roll out across your organization. Either way, we offer affordable, simple, and predictable pricing. Reach out to get a quote!

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